Aid over time in Uganda

Aid has played a significant role in Uganda for decades, and Uganda actually piloted the Paris principles long before they were formally adopted as the Paris Declaration.

Uganda country facts (2009):

Population (million) 32.7
GNI/Capita (Atlas USD) 460
Total aid (USD million) 1,786
Aid per capita 55
Aid as a percentage of GNI 11.6
Main donors US, IDA, EC, UK, AfDF

OECD and the World Bank



Quotations from the Uganda country report:
Go backUganda and its development partners have been guided by PD principles well before the Declaration was signed.


Go backThe coming into effect of the Paris Declaration has strengthened Government of Uganda's voice to donors over issues of alignment and harmonisation.


Go backUganda has over the years reduced its dependence on ODA from 70% of government expenditure in 2003 to a projected 32.6% in 2009/10.


Go backUganda currently has over 40 development partners with different levels of ODA contribution.



Quotation from the synthesis report:

Go backCompared with the aid situation 20 to 25 years ago current practice presents a global picture of far greater transparency and far less donor-driven aid today.




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