Uganda – a pioneer of budget support

Years before the Paris Declaration came into being Uganda became one of the first developing countries to receive budget support, and Uganda still loves budget support – even after donors decided to cut 10 per cent of their budget support in 2010 when Uganda failed to fully live up to the terms.

Budget support to Uganda:

  • accounted for an average of 42% of total disbursements from 2000 to 2009
  • 5 donors provide general budget support: Norway, Ireland, United Kingdom, European Commission, the World Bank
  • In addition Sweden, Netherlands and Germany provide sector budget support


Quotation from the Uganda country report:
Go backGovernment's clear message on its preference for GBS as the ideal funding modality appears to have been effective in securing stability of support through this instrument. Adoption of GBS as a preferred instrument also helped improve budget monitoring and coordination of government programmes in general.



Quotation from the synthesis report:
Go backThe Evaluation shows that no single modality (e.g. budget or sector support, programmes or projects) will automatically produce better development results, and a mix of aid modalities has continued to make sense for all partner countries and donors.




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