Health – from model sector to stagnation

The health sector in Uganda successfully pioneered new cooperation models a decade ago. But recently progress has stalled.

Health indicators (2009):

Population growth 3.3%
Life expectancy at birth 53 years
Infant mortality (per 1,000 live births) 79
Child malnutrition (% of children under 5) 16

World Bank



Quotations from the Uganda country report:
Go backIn 2008/09 the health sector received the highest amount of off budget project aid, which amounted to US$9475.93 million of which 90.54% was managed outside Government systems.


Go backThe case of the health sector represents lack of alignment and harmonization of aid to national systems.


Go backThe main challenge in the health sector appears to have been lack of effective leadership and stewardship of the sector by the Ministry of Health.



Quotations from the synthesis report:
Go backSignificant positive contributions can be traced, particularly in the case studies in the health sector, to more focused aid efforts and better development results."


Go backWhere aid is delivered through programme-based approaches, as is clear from analyses in the health sector, efficiency appears to have increased in cases where reforms are well embedded.




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