Health reality on the ground

Despite improved cooperation between donors and the Ugandan government in the health sector, patients and staff at Luwero health centre are yet to see major improvements in health service deliveries.

Quotations from the Uganda country report:
Go backMalnutrition and maternal, child, and infant mortality have improved, but remain unacceptably high: nearly one in seven children die before age five; and one in five children under five years is underweight, down from one in four in 1995.


Go backThe sector staffing level is at an average of 56% with some districts as low as 30%. Other human resource challenges include low morale, absenteeism, staff attrition due to poor remuneration, and poor support and supervision of health workers.


Go backOver-reliance on aid in education and health sectors in particular has created an unhealthy dependency on aid.




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