The Evil of Corruption

In spite of numerous institutions set up to fight corruption, corruption still thrives in Uganda and hampers efforts to promote growth and development – as in many other countries.

Quotations from the Uganda country report:
Go backWith good governance, PD commitments would be easier to fulfill.


Go backThe fight against corruption has slowed and weakened by a general reluctance to hold those in high political offices accountable for their financial misappropriations, prompting reprisal suspension of aid by some donors.



Quotations from the Bangladesh country report:
Go backCorruption remains a formidable challenge.


Go backImproving and strengthening governance and elimination of corruption are the hardest of challenges in the (transport) Sector. Corruption has caused suspension of DP-support for a number of important projects and diminished DP interest for future in the sector.



Quotations from the synthesis report:
Go backMany partner country governments need to devote higher political priority and more focused action to further reducing the most stubborn development challenges of poverty, exclusion and corruption.


Go backThe cancer of corruption, present everywhere in the world, is the focus of steadily growing public knowledge and anger in most countries. In spite of a broad wave of initial plans and measures, it continues to frustrate the best intentions and objectives of more effective aid and limit the potential for better partnerships.




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